Boring Neighborhood? Try Windows of Interest

Not much happening in your neighborhood?  Do your nosy neighbors not have enough to gossip about?  Or, are you just not interesting enough to fit in?

If so you should install the windows of interest kit.  It is a TV that mounts behind your window.  Play the included mysterious movies and your neighbors will have plenty to talk about.  Soon you will be the lady connected to the CIA or the Mafia, nobody will know for sure.

Cool Looking Business Card with LCD Screen

Paper business cards are boring, everybody has one.  You need something that gets attention when you hand out your business card.  Today’s idea is to make a business card with a small LCD screen displaying your information continuously.  It also operates on solar power just like a calculator.  Maybe it could have a calculator built into the back so people would keep your business card in use all of the time as a calculator.  So the next time your potential client was adding up a few numbers she would think of you, her favorite vacuum salesman.