Artificial Intelligent Pillow

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, artificial.

As the age of real I, Robot draws ever closer I think about the places where I would like to have a robot to help me out in life.  That place is of course my pillow.  I need a pillow smart enough to understand how I sleep.  I shouldn’t have to punch and ball up my pillow to find the exact thickness and softness factors I need to sleep well at night.  My pillow should know based upon my mood and level of tension what form it should take while I sleep.

If I am having trouble sleeping the pillow should know when to shut the TV off, add some white noise or play some soothing music.

In the mornings if my stinky alarm clock doesn’t wake me up, my pillow should nudge me or push me out of bed.

And if needed the artificial intelligent pillow should be able to talk  to me at night and offer psychiatric advice.