Ladder Golf- Needs More Golfing

Ladder golf, for those readers who have never played or seen it, is a game played by people throwing a pair of golf balls attached to a string at a conglomeration of pvc pip resembling a ladder.  If  you would like to build your own there is a pretty good how to article at that should help you out.

The problem with ladder golf is that there isn’t much to do with golf involved with ladder golf, unless you count throwing golf balls on a string.  Ladder golf needs to step it up a little on the golf side of things.  Instead of throwing bolas (2 golf balls attached to a rope) players should have to tee off with a special club meant to hit both balls at once.

Other problems with ladder golf include the confusing point system and the complete lack of holes (you can’t have golf without holes).  These two problems could be solved with the addition of holes to the bottom of the ladder golf playing structure.  The ladders would serve as obstacles to scoring and balls not making it past the ladders decrease the players score.

In summary this sounds like a crazy way to mess up a game that is perfectly fine already!