The Random Vacation

Are you having problems deciding where to go on vacation this year?  Is all the hassle of choosing a destination too much for you?

You should consider a random vacation.   A random vacation is where you pick an amount you are willing to spend and computer program randomly buys you a complete vacation package within that budget to a random destination.  One year you may be swimming on the beaches of the Bahamas and the next year you may be tagging along with scientific expedition in Antarctica.

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2 Comments on "The Random Vacation"

  1. Cognoramus on Wed, 20th Oct 2010 2:42 pm 

    I found this blog post about inventions in the year 3000 and immediately thought of your site:

  2. idea on Wed, 20th Oct 2010 5:23 pm 

    Neat link Cognoramus, it looks like these were created by artist Jim Benton, here is a link to his site!

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