Cloud-O-Matic; Make Your Own Cloud Shapes

When you lie down in the grass and look at the cloud with friends do you feel frustrated that you cannot see the airplane or cow they can see?  Or, do you think the sky needs a little more custom decoration?

If so you should consider getting a Cloud-O-Matic.  The Cloud-O-Matic creates the custom cloud shapes you want to see!  Just select the appropriate setting, example [cumulus, airplane, extra-puffy] and your cloud pops out in minutes.  You won’t have to guess if that cloud is an airplane, you will know it is because you have a Cloud-O-Matic making your clouds.

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2 Comments on "Cloud-O-Matic; Make Your Own Cloud Shapes"

  1. Cognoramus on Mon, 11th Oct 2010 11:30 pm 

    Nice…like giant Play-Doh moulds

  2. idea on Tue, 12th Oct 2010 1:34 am 

    Giant Play-Doh molds sound like another great crazy idea to me.

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