Learn a New Computer Language

Sometimes my computer devices get into arguments and can’t seem to get along.  I am thinking maybe I should learn to speak some computer languages in order to act as a mediator.

Java sounds like a fun name for a computer language, maybe I will start there.  Then, the next time I say “Cell phone you are going to sync with my Google Calendar whether you like it or not!” maybe it will listen (or maybe it will tell me where it would like me to sync).

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2 Comments on "Learn a New Computer Language"

  1. Jimbo on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 10:00 pm 

    If I learn to speak C# will I be more popular at parties?

  2. idea on Fri, 10th Sep 2010 2:40 am 

    I don’t think it can hurt, but I am they guy who sits in the corner and makes macaroni sculptures at parties.

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