Keep Your Socks Safe With The Dryer Defender

There is a crime wave going unreported.  A crime wave of socks – mostly left socks – being stolen from dryers everywhere.  The culprits are getting away and the police are too busy to track them down.  But you can protect your left socks with the “Dryer Defender”.

The “Dryer Defender”  bounces around with your laundry, protecting your socks from would-be thieves while at the same time providing fabric softening and just a hint of a spring breeze scent.


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One Comment on "Keep Your Socks Safe With The Dryer Defender"

  1. Halloween Candy Alternatives : Crazy Idea Factory on Thu, 14th Oct 2010 10:23 am 

    […] Everybody gives out candy on Halloween and for whatever reason you don’t want to give out candy we have a few recommendations for you to give out instead.   One idea is to give out personal finance guides, because goodness knows kids are very concerned about saving for college and retirement.   Small tubes of toothpaste are an obvious choice if you’re interested in combating all of the inevitable sugar bugs.  Hand wipes if you’re one who would like to keep hand clean from sugary messes.  And finally my favorite, you can give out your old unmatched socks from back in the days before you had the Dryer Defender! […]

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