Wear a Tie Because it Comes With Cool Tools

I hate wearing neckties.  I always feel as though they are trying to strangle me.  The tie just doesn’t seem to have a practical reason for being in my wardrobe.

To motivate people like myself to wear ties they should have tools built in.  Like a Swiss Army Knife and necktie combination. The Tie Multi-Tool would be large enough it could include large tools a standard pocket knife would not have room for, such as a hand saw and a large crescent wrench.

I can see the Tie Multi-Tool coming in real handy the next time I get invited to a cocktail party and I need to cut a couple of boards (I wonder why people don’t invite me to parties?).

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4 Comments on "Wear a Tie Because it Comes With Cool Tools"

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  2. Cognoramus on Sun, 26th Sep 2010 12:58 am 

    Maybe one with a built-in LED screen you can play Tetris on next?

  3. idea on Sun, 26th Sep 2010 4:21 am 

    That’s a great idea. When things get too boring, just flip over the tie and play a game of Tetris.

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