The Toughest Put Pants on Two Legs at a Time

They say everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time, but you can do one better and put your pants on two legs at a time.  How, you may ask, can you put your pants on two legs at a time?  Why with the the Pants-2-Legs of course.

You just load your pants into the Pants-2-Legs make a big hop and pull your pants up both legs at once.  It will feel like you have achieved a whole new level of super hero status.

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2 Comments on "The Toughest Put Pants on Two Legs at a Time"

  1. Cognoramus on Wed, 22nd Sep 2010 10:24 pm 

    I thought Chuck Norris already had this patent?

  2. idea on Wed, 22nd Sep 2010 11:54 pm 

    He may, but Chuck Norris is one step better. He doesn’t actually put his pants on, he just wills them into existence already on.

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