Boring Neighborhood? Try Windows of Interest

Not much happening in your neighborhood?  Do your nosy neighbors not have enough to gossip about?  Or, are you just not interesting enough to fit in?

If so you should install the windows of interest kit.  It is a TV that mounts behind your window.  Play the included mysterious movies and your neighbors will have plenty to talk about.  Soon you will be the lady connected to the CIA or the Mafia, nobody will know for sure.

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6 Comments on "Boring Neighborhood? Try Windows of Interest"

  1. Cognoramus on Fri, 10th Sep 2010 10:37 pm 

    I’ll buy one if you include a movie of a man pacing back and forth pointing a shotgun out the window 🙂

  2. idea on Sat, 11th Sep 2010 1:28 am 

    That movie should keep out burglars and solicitors.

  3. Jilly Jones on Sat, 11th Sep 2010 1:31 am 

    This is so funny!

  4. Tweets that mention Boring Neighborhood? Try Windows of Interest : Crazy Idea Factory -- on Sat, 11th Sep 2010 2:19 am 

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kurtis Foote, Alltop Humor. Alltop Humor said: Boring Neighborhood? Try Windows of Interest […]

  5. Grant Wilson. on Fri, 1st Oct 2010 11:49 am 

    Fantastic, I look forward to the first run hitting the shops…hope it can play regular DVDs as well!

  6. idea on Fri, 1st Oct 2010 12:19 pm 

    It may be a while before it hits the shops. I think it may have to go through a home built phase first.

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