Rock Ideas

The Rocks are generally looked upon as useless and regular, but I am here to tell you rocks are the coolest thing ever.  I drew up six fun things to do with rocks below.

  1. The paper weight:  Ya, I know not very origional.
  2. Rock the Boat:  Sail the seven seas with the daring and ruthless Captain Rock the Boat.
  3. Rock Star:  Rockin tuns from a true rock musician.
  4. Moon Rock:  He sits up high on the moon, just keeping an eye on things.
  5. Rolling Rock:  Prometheus pushes him up the hill, and he just wants to roll back down.
  6. The Rock:  Always trapped because you can’t teach a rock swim.

There is also the Pet Rock, but ThinkGeek already makes a USB one, see below.


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