On The Go Veggie Tubes

You may remember how Toothbrushes help kids remember the names of Supreme Court Justices.  Not eating vegetables is also a crises in need of attention.  One idea to kids and some adults to start eating more vegetables is to improve the packaging and portability of the food.

What can veggie suppliers do to make veggies fast and portable?  Vegetables in standard form are boring and not portable.  I can’t take a head of broccoli with me on the drive to work, how would I eat it.  I need my broccoli ground into a semi-paste substance and premixed with veggie dip. The ground veggie and dip substance should then be squirted into a tube, similar to Go-gurt style yogurt tubes.  With veggie tubes I can grab a tube of broccoli on my way out the door, rip it open and eat it in between texts while driving.


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