The Micro Shaver-Bot

Almost everybody has heard of or seen a Roomba, the robotic vacuum that automatically wanders around and cleans the floor.  I think there is a market for a tiny shaver robot that would wander around a man’s face in the same fashion a Roomba wanders around a living room.  Just think of the time saved every morning if shaving could be eliminated.  It would also lead to some attention from strangers.  “Excuse me sir, but you have a bug crawling around on your face.”  “Ah, no ma’am. That is not a bug; it’s my Micro Shaver-Bot.”


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4 Comments on "The Micro Shaver-Bot"

  1. Harriet Russell on Fri, 9th Jul 2010 12:21 pm 

    Nowadays, you must be super creative to have a good business idea that works.”`’

  2. Jacob Johnson on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 3:24 pm 

    it is easy to get Business ideas, just look for a product or service that has demand and fill it~~’

  3. idea on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 5:19 pm 

    I agree the hardest part of starting a business is not the creative idea, it is the will and determination to stick with it when times are tough.

  4. Alfie Davies on Thu, 7th Oct 2010 5:58 pm 

    i ran out of business ideas, but i mostly invest on stuffs related to food and real estate’:~

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