Shoe With Built In Pedometer

This one is a natural one. I can’t believe it isn’t common place today – shoes with built-in pedometers.  Cars have odometers, so you know when to change the oil and so you know how worn out the car may be.  If you sold shoes with built in pedometers you could probably sell people odor changes every 100,000 steps.  It may also help the almost nonexistent used shoe market “Ya, I found a great pair of used shoes the other day; they only had 500,000 steps on ’em.”

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One Comment on "Shoe With Built In Pedometer"

  1. tango down on Tue, 6th Dec 2016 1:07 am 

    seriously. why hasn’t this caught on yet. maybe it has since this 2010 post. I dunno. I Googled the topic and this is one of first relevant posts that came up.

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