In-Car Fountain Drinks

When you’re driving do you ever get annoyed because you’re thirsty and you don’t want to stop and buy something to drink?  The In-Car Fountain Drink machine is the solution to your problem.   Just install a drink machine into your dash and you have a beverage whenever you would like one.  This would be excellent if you are in a car pool or if you offer a ride service.  Taxi drivers should think of adding these; they could probably make a profit from thirsty customers.


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One Comment on "In-Car Fountain Drinks"

  1. In Car Oven : Crazy Idea Factory on Thu, 15th Jul 2010 8:27 am 

    […] thought having an in car soda fountain was amazing, that’ss nothing compared to the in car oven.  Using the otherwise wasted heat […]

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