Lawn Mower Weed Whacker Combo

This idea was submitted by my friend Jon.  It involves mounting a weed eater attachment to the front of your lawnmower.  So when you are mowing in an area in need of trimming and edging you just have to flip a switch and your mower does it for you, eliminating the need to pull out your weed eater and make another trip through the yard.


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2 Comments on "Lawn Mower Weed Whacker Combo"

  1. Lawn Mower Reviews on Mon, 25th Oct 2010 12:05 am 

    That’s actually not to bad of an idea. Except that it would be pretty dangerous! haha

  2. Rob on Mon, 1st Nov 2010 12:20 am 

    I had the same idea, except I had the weed eater on the side of the mower and it had a rubber guard that opened like one of those change holders.

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