The Soaked Siren- Diaper Alarm

Sometimes your just not sure if your kid’s diaper is wet or not and you don’t want to walk all the way over and disrupt them  just to check.  That is why you need the “Soaked Siren” diaper alarm.  It sounds out an annoying alarm whenever the baby is wet.

This invention is also great for making sure dad will actually change diapers when he has the kids because listening to the alarm is much worse than changing a diaper.

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, soaked.


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2 Comments on "The Soaked Siren- Diaper Alarm"

  1. Tequitia on Thu, 26th May 2011 2:46 pm 

    Love it! Too funny!

  2. idea on Thu, 26th May 2011 2:48 pm 

    Thanks Tequitia!

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