Generic Warning Label

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, warning.

In an effort to help improve and simplify the world of warning labels I have attempted a rather generic warning label of my own.  Let me know what else you think should be added.


Use of this product may result in injury, death, constipation, and or severe heart burn.  Looking at this product may cause eye strain.  If this product becomes hot do not touch it, it will burn you.  If this product is cold do not touch it, it may cause frostbite.  This product may either contain or have come within close proximity to chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer.    If you are pregnant, nursing or currently having a bowl movement you should consult a physician before using this product.  This product either on its own or in combination with a lack of proper sleep may cause drowsiness.  Only use this product if you have paid a large amount of money to attend a manufacturer certified training course on the proper operation of the product.  Do not under any circumstances attempt to perform a Vulcan Mind Meld with this product.  Use this product at your own risk or find someone else willing to use this product at his or her own risk.


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4 Comments on "Generic Warning Label"

  1. Bernard on Tue, 8th Mar 2011 3:52 pm 

    The label is great. The only thing I think is missing is a line about not feeding the product after midnight and not getting it wet, ect.

  2. idea on Tue, 8th Mar 2011 3:54 pm 

    Good point, we would hate to have gremlins running around.

  3. Alistair on Tue, 8th Mar 2011 3:57 pm 

    I did try to perform a Vulcan Mind Meld with the product once and it left me with a terrible headache. So thanks for adding that line.

  4. idea on Tue, 8th Mar 2011 3:58 pm 

    Lucky for you it was only a headache. Remember only Vulcans should perform Vulcan Mind Melds.

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