Watch What You Are In the Mood For

TV watching is getting harder all the time.  Sure, you have allot more choice.  You can watch shows on demand, shows you have Tivo’ed, shows on pay-per-view, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix and there are probably a million other ways to watch a TV show I haven’t listed.  But, what about those times when you want to shut down all brain function and just whatever is on the current channel whether it is good or not. For the situations when you want to just sit back and watch random shows based on your mood you need a “Mood Remote”.  Pick what kind of mood you are in and what type of programming you want to watch and the mood remote will keep you tuned into shows you will enjoy without creating extra stress for you.

Motivation to Exercise With Treadmill Powered TV

Many people who run on treadmills like to do so while watching television.   Treadmills with built in televisions are already on the market, but they still run on electricity from the grid.  If you want to really have motivation to get some exercise and to help the environment you should power your television with the energy you are creating by running on your treadmill.

If you were missing the drive to push yourself to run a little longer imagine how much more you can run if you need to keep running to see the exciting end of the game or the suspenseful climax of your favorite thriller.

Keep Your Socks Safe With The Dryer Defender

There is a crime wave going unreported.  A crime wave of socks – mostly left socks – being stolen from dryers everywhere.  The culprits are getting away and the police are too busy to track them down.  But you can protect your left socks with the “Dryer Defender”.

The “Dryer Defender”  bounces around with your laundry, protecting your socks from would-be thieves while at the same time providing fabric softening and just a hint of a spring breeze scent.

When I Was Your Age My School Was Up Hill Both Ways

Someday, years from now I want my children and grandchildren to think I was tough, that things were so much harder when I was young.  But, the problem is I never had to walk 30 miles to school during the coldest winter in history.  And I don’t remember ever having to walk to school up hill both ways.

To remedy this I propose building a “tough camp” where the camper must do things like walk up hill both ways to school, wrestle  grizzly bears, and buy bottles of Coca-Cola for a nickle.  Then after attending the “tough camp” attendees will be able to make extreme sounding statements about things that happened at “tough camp”.

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday phrase of the week, old-fashioned.

Wear a Tie Because it Comes With Cool Tools

I hate wearing neckties.  I always feel as though they are trying to strangle me.  The tie just doesn’t seem to have a practical reason for being in my wardrobe.

To motivate people like myself to wear ties they should have tools built in.  Like a Swiss Army Knife and necktie combination. The Tie Multi-Tool would be large enough it could include large tools a standard pocket knife would not have room for, such as a hand saw and a large crescent wrench.

I can see the Tie Multi-Tool coming in real handy the next time I get invited to a cocktail party and I need to cut a couple of boards (I wonder why people don’t invite me to parties?).

The Best Shoes for Your Money

Ever go for a jog and not have any pockets to store your money or keys?

Shoes should have a storage compartment in the bottom that is easily accessible but free from sweat and foot odor.  The compartment would need only be large enough to slide in a credit card, some cash or a couple of keys.

The Toughest Put Pants on Two Legs at a Time

They say everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time, but you can do one better and put your pants on two legs at a time.  How, you may ask, can you put your pants on two legs at a time?  Why with the the Pants-2-Legs of course.

You just load your pants into the Pants-2-Legs make a big hop and pull your pants up both legs at once.  It will feel like you have achieved a whole new level of super hero status.

Keep it Safe in Your Secret Trash Stash

Any good spy will tell you a safe is not a very safe place to store your valuables.  You need to store your valuables in someplace nobody wants to look like the bottom of your trash can.  Thieves and espionage agents will never think to look for a secret compartment in the bottom of your trash can.  If you are still worried your trash isn’t stinky enough to detour would be felons add a couple of poopy diapers, they are sure to keep all bad guys away (unless they lack a sense of smell).

Career Idea- Acrobat Accountant

Do you dream of performing death defying stunts in midair?  Are you an accountant or are you thinking of becoming an accountant, but you want to add a little more flare to set yourself apart from other accountants?   You should combining your dreams and doing both, become an Acrobat Accountant.

Who better to find loopholes in tax law or to walk that legal tightrope than the Acrobat Accountant?  Audiences will be thrilled to watch you fly through the air on the trapeze while you fill out their tax returns.

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday phrase of the week, acrobat.

The Say Stopper Helps You Keep Your Mouth Shut

Do you suffer from a case of too much brutal honesty?  Do you have problems keeping your comments to yourself?  Do you always need to get in the last word, even when enough has already been said?

If so you need the Say Stopper!  It is a device you place on your neck, invisible to others it measures and analyzes your biometric inputs to try to determine when you are about to say something you shouldn’t.  If the Say Stopper determines you are about to speak when you shouldn’t it sends a painless but debilitating ultrasonic pulse into your vocal cords rendering you mute for the moment.   So the next time you are about to say something you shouldn’t remember to bmnoiasdhoaniaonfgw89.

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