Rock Ideas

The Rocks are generally looked upon as useless and regular, but I am here to tell you rocks are the coolest thing ever.  I drew up six fun things to do with rocks below.

  1. The paper weight:  Ya, I know not very origional.
  2. Rock the Boat:  Sail the seven seas with the daring and ruthless Captain Rock the Boat.
  3. Rock Star:  Rockin tuns from a true rock musician.
  4. Moon Rock:  He sits up high on the moon, just keeping an eye on things.
  5. Rolling Rock:  Prometheus pushes him up the hill, and he just wants to roll back down.
  6. The Rock:  Always trapped because you can’t teach a rock swim.

There is also the Pet Rock, but ThinkGeek already makes a USB one, see below.

Idea for New Competition: Move Immovable Things

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This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday phrase of the week, immovable.

Archimedes, one of the worlds greatest engineers and mathematicians is attributed with saying “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”   Assuming this is true would mean nothing is immovable.

Saying something, like a giant boulder, is immovable is a challenge to innovative thinkers with nothing better to do.  This challenge would be a great annual competition.  People would come from far and wide to try to move big rocks, especially if fabulous prizes were involved.

The competition would have to be split into rounds.  In round one only sticks and rocks could be used and in later rounds heavy industrial equipment would be allowed.  The winner would would be the one who moved the rock the furthest.

Personalized Tires

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These days I think you can buy pretty much anything personalized; key chains, cookie jars, bowling balls, even rocks.  But not tires.  I want to go to the tire store and order my favorite B.F. Goodrich tire with my name in big white letters on the side.

Get Rid of the Segway Move on to the Pogo Frog

Have you been wanting to buy a Segway, but your worried you won’t look silly enough?

Then you should consider buying or making yourself a Pogo Frog.  It is a double pogo stick designed to comfortably imitate the jumping of a frog.

When you’re hopping down the street on your Pogo Frog you can be sure no one will look sillier.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Singles

Cheese singles have become a staple of the do-it-yourself sandwich maker. But the individually wrapped sandwich single idea has been left dead at cheese.  The sandwich making experience could be improved with the peanut butter and jelly single.  Grab 2 slices of bread, unwrap a peanut butter and jelly single, stick them all together and you have yourself a sandwich.

Rock the Stage with Your Harpsarumpet

I am sure all of our readers went out fabricated their own Guitordians and are on the road to fame and stardom.  If your starting your crazy idea band and the Guitordian isn’t quite enough for you, you should think about adding a Harpsarumpet to the group.

What more do you need for a unique and interesting sound than the combination of a harpsichord and a trumpet.  I am surprised these haven’t been invented already.

Electricity From the Atmosphere

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This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday phrase of the week, atmosphere.

After watching “Back to the Future” recently I started wondering why I haven’t heard more about generating electricity from lightning.  After doing a little reading around the internet all I discovered is that Ben Franklin may or may not have flown a kite in a storm, riveting.

For safety reasons I am not going to try to collect electricity with a kite, but the time machine idea doe sound interesting.

Solar Heater for Wading Pools

Have you ever had to fill a wading pool for your kids?  You can’t just use hose water, because it is too cold.  You have to add buckets of hot water from inside the house to make to water warm enough for the kids to swim in the pool.   This hauling buckets of hot water is a difficult mess.  You spill water on yourself and all over your kitchen floor.

The solution is a drop in solar heater that will cycle, filter and heat the water.  The pool will be cleaner and greener.  Now we just need to figure out how to build it and make it safe and cheap.  Should be easy right?

Live in a Water Dome

This idea is inspired by the Fruity Water Gate featured on the Yanko Design website.   It is a waterfall that protects your food from the air and insects.

Growing this waterfall dome protection idea to a grander scale would make a pretty cool tent, or maybe even a house.

How cool would it be to tell your guests “Please step through the waterfall into the magical realm in which I live.”?

RC Controlled Subterranean Digger Vehicle

Everybody has radio controlled planes, cars, boats and even helicopters.  But I don’t know anybody with a radio controlled subterranean vehicle.

If you try to build your own subterranean digger you should call you local utilities to make sure all underground lines are marked just to make sure you don’t cause unnecessary damage to your digger.

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