Bar Code Scanner on Your Finger

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Bar codes are everywhere.  On everything you buy, all over every part in your car and even on your mail.  If you ever wanted to find out what crazy messages are hidden in these bar codes a fingertip scanner to scan these barcodes would be very helpful.  A fingertip bar code scanner should also be cordless and integrate with your computer and or smart phone.  A fingertip bar code scanner is not as big and bulky as those large ones used at retail stores, it is fun and petite.  All in all not the craziest idea, but it’s a useful one.

Why Cows Make Great Pets

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Dogs, cats, goldfish and gerbils may make good pets but they are too ordinary.  Dolphins need too much care and elephants are just too noisy.  Cows, on the other hand are rather unique and productive pets.

I know that having a cow as a pet presents certain challenges.  Cows eat allot, they don’t potty train easily (or at all), they take up allot of space, they moo loudly, and many city ordinances don’t allow you to have them at your house.  Cows often wake up crabby in the morning and they are notoriously messy eaters.  Cows don’t like to fetch the morning paper, and even if they did they probably won’t fit through the door of your house.

On the positive side having a cow will offer you advantages other pets can’t.  Cows produce milk so you won’t have to buy milk any longer.  They eat your grass so you won’t have to mow your lawn anymore (if you haven’t planted corn in place of your lawn yet).  Cows scare away burglars (would you rob the person crazy enough to have a cow tied up in their front yard?).  And best of all cows do not ever participate in, or sing along with the chicken dance.

Ladder Golf- Needs More Golfing

Ladder golf, for those readers who have never played or seen it, is a game played by people throwing a pair of golf balls attached to a string at a conglomeration of pvc pip resembling a ladder.  If  you would like to build your own there is a pretty good how to article at that should help you out.

The problem with ladder golf is that there isn’t much to do with golf involved with ladder golf, unless you count throwing golf balls on a string.  Ladder golf needs to step it up a little on the golf side of things.  Instead of throwing bolas (2 golf balls attached to a rope) players should have to tee off with a special club meant to hit both balls at once.

Other problems with ladder golf include the confusing point system and the complete lack of holes (you can’t have golf without holes).  These two problems could be solved with the addition of holes to the bottom of the ladder golf playing structure.  The ladders would serve as obstacles to scoring and balls not making it past the ladders decrease the players score.

In summary this sounds like a crazy way to mess up a game that is perfectly fine already!

A Jar of Worms- Go Ahead Open It

Opening a can of worms is something people think of as a problem.  What about a jar of worms, is it OK to open a jar of worms?  What if it is a jar of worm jelly?  I read a book once called How to Eat Fried Worms, but I don’t remember them eating worm jelly.  The jelly wouldn’t have to be made from earth worms, maybe just gummy worms or strawberry worms.  Sounds like it would be quite good on toast.  What was my point again?  Why did I open this can of worms?

Your Very Own Robo-Double

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, double.

Are you running short on vacation days?  Do  you need to be in two places at once?  Or, do you just need to get away from your desk for a little while?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you need a “Robo-Double”.

Face it, what you do at work probably isn’t as complicated as you make it seem to all of your friends.  Robo-Double comes pre-programed with many of the most common business tasks you probably do everyday.   Such as check email, look at Blackberry for more email, tell bad jokes, open random important looking documents, type random things, search the internet for useless things, and answer the phone with standard “I’m sorry, I just have too much on my plate right now” response.

If needed you can also add the upgrade package for meetings and presentations.

Customer Testimony from “John Doedery”

“I was working my tail off 80 hours a week and my career was going nowhere.  Until I purchased the Robo-Double.  Now I haven’t been to work for 3 months but I have been promoted 4 times and my salary has trippled!  Thanks Robo-Double.”

Get yours today.

C the Future

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The Magic 8 Ball can answer all of your questions, but the “C the Future” will tell you your future.  It is like a fortune cookie, but not edible.  Press the button and the “C the Future” will tell you uncanny things about your future.  Things that will amaze you and make you wonder how it can know what it does.  Things like “you will eat food today” and “you will encounter troubles on today’s journey” or the one that amazed me most “You will have and itch and scratch it to”.

Silent and Less Deadly with Muffled Underwear

It is really too bad there is such a stigma about public flatulence.  It can be painful to hold back the natural gas release your body requires to function.  Muffled underwear is the answer to to your need to pass gas anytime you want.

Just letter rip, the attached toot muffler will quiet that level 4 fart explosion the same way a Flowmaster Muffler quiets a big diesel engine.  And don’t worry about the smell, it is taken care of by the included triple layer carbon stink filter.  And for the ultra stinky ones, we have added a fresh as the Carolina Pine Tree air freshener.


The Human Trunk

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I am sure you have heard the old saying “What’s good enough for the elephant is good enough for me.”  Well taking that idea to heart, I want a trunk.  I don’t want just a rubbery Halloween costume trunk; I want a functioning, moving, third arm style trunk.

At this moment I am imagining sitting at my computer using my trunk to eat peanuts or popcorn while both of my hands are busy typing on my keyboard.  I think maybe with an Arduino and some servo motors I might be able to make this happen.

Follow Me Night Light

I am sure there is a medical study somewhere keeping track of the amount of injuries incurred by people waking up in the middle of the night and stumbling or walking into something on their way to the bathroom.  Imagine if you could wake up in the middle of night, mumble the word “bathroom” or “kitchen” and that word would activate a robot.  The robot would light up and guide you to your destination and guide you safely back to bed.

Better yet the robot could also have a “go get me” mode.  You could mumble “go get me a glass of water” and the robot would go out to the kitchen, find a glass of water and bring it back to you.

Next development, a diaper changing robot for parents with babies.

On The Go Veggie Tubes

You may remember how Toothbrushes help kids remember the names of Supreme Court Justices.  Not eating vegetables is also a crises in need of attention.  One idea to kids and some adults to start eating more vegetables is to improve the packaging and portability of the food.

What can veggie suppliers do to make veggies fast and portable?  Vegetables in standard form are boring and not portable.  I can’t take a head of broccoli with me on the drive to work, how would I eat it.  I need my broccoli ground into a semi-paste substance and premixed with veggie dip. The ground veggie and dip substance should then be squirted into a tube, similar to Go-gurt style yogurt tubes.  With veggie tubes I can grab a tube of broccoli on my way out the door, rip it open and eat it in between texts while driving.

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