Make Ugly Houses Look Great

If you have ever wanted to change the looks of your house without actually changing any part of your house you may be interested in the House Billboard.  Just page through the 500 page catalog pick out the House Billboard you want and it is shipped directly to your door.

The house billboard is also great for covering up all of those foreclosed properties in the neighborhood.  Drivers by won’t even notice the lawn hasn’t been mowed or that all of the widows have been broken.

Wear a Tie Because it Comes With Cool Tools

I hate wearing neckties.  I always feel as though they are trying to strangle me.  The tie just doesn’t seem to have a practical reason for being in my wardrobe.

To motivate people like myself to wear ties they should have tools built in.  Like a Swiss Army Knife and necktie combination. The Tie Multi-Tool would be large enough it could include large tools a standard pocket knife would not have room for, such as a hand saw and a large crescent wrench.

I can see the Tie Multi-Tool coming in real handy the next time I get invited to a cocktail party and I need to cut a couple of boards (I wonder why people don’t invite me to parties?).

Boring Neighborhood? Try Windows of Interest

Not much happening in your neighborhood?  Do your nosy neighbors not have enough to gossip about?  Or, are you just not interesting enough to fit in?

If so you should install the windows of interest kit.  It is a TV that mounts behind your window.  Play the included mysterious movies and your neighbors will have plenty to talk about.  Soon you will be the lady connected to the CIA or the Mafia, nobody will know for sure.

Solar Heater for Wading Pools

Have you ever had to fill a wading pool for your kids?  You can’t just use hose water, because it is too cold.  You have to add buckets of hot water from inside the house to make to water warm enough for the kids to swim in the pool.   This hauling buckets of hot water is a difficult mess.  You spill water on yourself and all over your kitchen floor.

The solution is a drop in solar heater that will cycle, filter and heat the water.  The pool will be cleaner and greener.  Now we just need to figure out how to build it and make it safe and cheap.  Should be easy right?

Live in a Water Dome

This idea is inspired by the Fruity Water Gate featured on the Yanko Design website.   It is a waterfall that protects your food from the air and insects.

Growing this waterfall dome protection idea to a grander scale would make a pretty cool tent, or maybe even a house.

How cool would it be to tell your guests “Please step through the waterfall into the magical realm in which I live.”?

Hidden Flower Cam

Home security technology is constantly improving.  Cameras have gotten smaller and smaller.  What better place for a hidden camera than in the center of a flower mixed into a flower bed.

For the funnier idea, the flower could have a built in squirter and you could use the camera to help you squirt water at people as they walk past.

Your Own E Shaped Mailbox

This is for the extreme email addict just in case someone uses the Smartphone-B-Gone on your Blackberry you can run outside and check your E shaped mailbox for some good old fashioned snail mail.  The stuff in a physical mailbox is so much more interesting than all the electronic Facebook and Twitter stuff.  Just yesterday I received some real paper coupons in my mailbox.  I didn’t even need to waste my own paper and ink to print them.

Never Water Again with Digital Plants

Tired of all of your plants dying?  Don’t want fake plastic plants?  Try these digital photo frames mounted in pots.  Display an ever changing beautiful flower garden and never have to water again. Would come preloaded with 100 assorted pictures of flowers if it actually existed.

Drawbridge Front Door

Houses in America are so cookie cutter.  If you are feeling like you need to add a little extra flare to your house you should consider adding a drawbridge style front door.  You can try it out for a while and when you are sure you like it go ahead and add that moat you have always wanted.  It is the best solution you can find for keeping away unwanted salesmen.