You Should Eat Square Meals

Are you tired of wondering what to eat?  Do you stare into your refrigerator wondering what to eat tonight?  Do menus appear in  your nightmares because you dread decisions about what you should eat?

Get rid of those choices by choosing to eat only “Square Meals”.  “Square Meals” are nutritionally perfect meal squares.  They provide all of the nutrition you need with none of the worry about having to choose what to eat.  If you are concerned about the flavor you can stop worrying, because “Square Meals” have none.

Fast Meals, Ready to Eat From the Microfreezerwave

The hassle of taking a frozen entree from your freezer and walking all the way to the microwave to heat it is over my friends!  The Microfreezerwave combines the freezer and the microwave to provide the easiest meal you can get in your own home.  Load frozen entrees into the freezer compartment rack, when your hungry enter your meal selection into the keypad (don’t worry we will offer an Android/iPhone app so you can do it from your phone without leaving the couch), wait five minutes and you’ll have yourself a meal.

Go Ahead, Play With Your Food

The American staple of getting a toy with a fast food kids meal is under attack and is already illegal in some places.  Fast food restaurants need to get creative to solve this problem.  I suggest making the food itself a toy.  Chicken nugget action figures flying burger space ships ready to attack the dreaded brussels sprouts.  To really make it popular a movie or a TV series will have to be developed to go along with the idea.  Maybe the chicken nugget action figures should be the bad guys then the tag line could read “Kids, you must stop the evil chicken nugget men from taking over the world.  Eat them quickly, before they turn us into mindless zombies!”

Eat Your Spinach Get a Dessert

I need to eat healthier, I know that, but I just need a little motivation.  I am thinking I could eat an entire can of spinach if there was something good tasting at the bottom.  It is the Happy Meal/cereal box concept just done for adults.

My hoe is that if this idea becomes reality I start developing some of those Popeye muscles.

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday phrase of the week, dessert.

Automatically Guided Shopping Cart

Have  you ever chosen the squeaky wheel, the one that won’t turn,or one that won’t drive straight?  Are you just tired of pushing the heavy thing?  Are you like me and can’t find anything in giant superstores?

Well, your shopping cart problems are over with the introduction of the automatically guided shopping cart.  Just tell the cart what you would like to shop for and it will take you there.  For example you could say “I would like to buy some AA batteries” and your cart would lead you directly to the battery aisle.

If your a store owner worried about cost, don’t worry you can add up-sell capabilities to the cart.  If a customer adds tortilla chips to the cart the cart would mention how well salsa goes with tortilla chips.

Next evolution, I feed the cart my list and it goes around and gets everything for me while I go out to eat.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Singles

Cheese singles have become a staple of the do-it-yourself sandwich maker. But the individually wrapped sandwich single idea has been left dead at cheese.  The sandwich making experience could be improved with the peanut butter and jelly single.  Grab 2 slices of bread, unwrap a peanut butter and jelly single, stick them all together and you have yourself a sandwich.

Caged Junk Food

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, caged.

I have a very strict diet, it’s called the “See Food” diet.  Unfortunately it means when I “see food” I eat it healthy or not and often hungry or not.

The Junk Food Cage is an effort to combat the “See Food” diet.  It allows junk food only in moderation.  The cage allows only one piece of junk food to be removed every 24 hours otherwise it keeps the empty calories behind bars.

A Jar of Worms- Go Ahead Open It

Opening a can of worms is something people think of as a problem.  What about a jar of worms, is it OK to open a jar of worms?  What if it is a jar of worm jelly?  I read a book once called How to Eat Fried Worms, but I don’t remember them eating worm jelly.  The jelly wouldn’t have to be made from earth worms, maybe just gummy worms or strawberry worms.  Sounds like it would be quite good on toast.  What was my point again?  Why did I open this can of worms?

On The Go Veggie Tubes

You may remember how Toothbrushes help kids remember the names of Supreme Court Justices.  Not eating vegetables is also a crises in need of attention.  One idea to kids and some adults to start eating more vegetables is to improve the packaging and portability of the food.

What can veggie suppliers do to make veggies fast and portable?  Vegetables in standard form are boring and not portable.  I can’t take a head of broccoli with me on the drive to work, how would I eat it.  I need my broccoli ground into a semi-paste substance and premixed with veggie dip. The ground veggie and dip substance should then be squirted into a tube, similar to Go-gurt style yogurt tubes.  With veggie tubes I can grab a tube of broccoli on my way out the door, rip it open and eat it in between texts while driving.

Auto Jelly Toaster

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, breakfast.

There is nothing better than jelly on a nice, fresh piece of hot toast for breakfast.  But there is often so little time as you walk out the door in the morning to go through the hassle of finding the jelly, finding a knife and subjecting your wrists to unneeded stress and strain of applying jelly to a piece of toast.

Jelly toast should be as simple as dropping a piece of toast into a toaster and pressing the “auto jelly” button.  The Auto-Jelly Toaster makes this dream a reality, jellied toast while you busy yourself with other, more important, morning activities.

Expansion packs are available to add capabilities to the auto-jellier.  For instance with the writing add-on pack you can add messages to your toast like “I love you” or “remember to buy milk”.  With the picture pack add-on the auto-jellier will draw fun pictures and cartoon characters on your toast.

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