The Say Stopper Helps You Keep Your Mouth Shut

Do you suffer from a case of too much brutal honesty?  Do you have problems keeping your comments to yourself?  Do you always need to get in the last word, even when enough has already been said?

If so you need the Say Stopper!  It is a device you place on your neck, invisible to others it measures and analyzes your biometric inputs to try to determine when you are about to say something you shouldn’t.  If the Say Stopper determines you are about to speak when you shouldn’t it sends a painless but debilitating ultrasonic pulse into your vocal cords rendering you mute for the moment.   So the next time you are about to say something you shouldn’t remember to bmnoiasdhoaniaonfgw89.

What You Need is Theme Music, From Your Shoes

Theme music makes everyone cooler.  Just think how much more fun it would be if your own personal theme song was playing the next time you are out for a walk, or shopping at the grocery store.

That theme music dream of yours can happen with the “Playin Your Theme Sneakers”.  These are shoes with built in speakers that will blast your personal theme song every time you take a step.  Now go out pick up a flashy new outfit, learn some martial arts moves and you will be staring in own TV show in no time.

Eat Your Spinach Get a Dessert

I need to eat healthier, I know that, but I just need a little motivation.  I am thinking I could eat an entire can of spinach if there was something good tasting at the bottom.  It is the Happy Meal/cereal box concept just done for adults.

My hoe is that if this idea becomes reality I start developing some of those Popeye muscles.

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday phrase of the week, dessert.

Get Rid of the Segway Move on to the Pogo Frog

Have you been wanting to buy a Segway, but your worried you won’t look silly enough?

Then you should consider buying or making yourself a Pogo Frog.  It is a double pogo stick designed to comfortably imitate the jumping of a frog.

When you’re hopping down the street on your Pogo Frog you can be sure no one will look sillier.

New Game: Base-Bowl

Can’t decide if you want to go bowling or play baseball?  Why not do both?  Play Base-bowl.

Base-bowl is a game that is played in a special bowling ally where the batter/bowler stands at the plate, a ball pops up and the batter/bowler tries to hit the ball into the pins and knock as many down as possible.  Scoring is the same as in standard bowling the only big change is hitting a baseball  at the pins instead of rolling a bowling ball at the pins.

The biggest problem with the game is going to be deciding what the “strike” will refer to, will it be a good thing or a bad thing?

Caged Junk Food

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, caged.

I have a very strict diet, it’s called the “See Food” diet.  Unfortunately it means when I “see food” I eat it healthy or not and often hungry or not.

The Junk Food Cage is an effort to combat the “See Food” diet.  It allows junk food only in moderation.  The cage allows only one piece of junk food to be removed every 24 hours otherwise it keeps the empty calories behind bars.

On The Go Veggie Tubes

You may remember how Toothbrushes help kids remember the names of Supreme Court Justices.  Not eating vegetables is also a crises in need of attention.  One idea to kids and some adults to start eating more vegetables is to improve the packaging and portability of the food.

What can veggie suppliers do to make veggies fast and portable?  Vegetables in standard form are boring and not portable.  I can’t take a head of broccoli with me on the drive to work, how would I eat it.  I need my broccoli ground into a semi-paste substance and premixed with veggie dip. The ground veggie and dip substance should then be squirted into a tube, similar to Go-gurt style yogurt tubes.  With veggie tubes I can grab a tube of broccoli on my way out the door, rip it open and eat it in between texts while driving.

Get Rid of the Lawn; Plant Corn

Maintaining your yard is one of the most time consuming and labor intensive activities you can participate in.  All kinds of work and nothing to show for your labor.  It is time to make a stand, plant something useful in the yard.  Plant corn, tomatoes, rutabagas or whatever your hearts desire.  Instead of having a bag of clippings for your work, you can save a trip to the grocery store because you have home grown vegetables from  your front yard.

Never mind the looks you get from your neighbors, you won’t be able to see them anyway when the corn gets tall enough.

Bed Made for Jumping

“Quit jumping on your bed!”  What kid hasn’t heard that statement?  Kids need exercise and jumping is exercise, hence kids should jump on the bed.  One big problem with kids jumping on beds is the possibility of breaking the bed.  A bed made for jumping needs be be built more like a combination trampoline and Aeron Chair. I wouldn’t mind having one for my adult self, and I know my kids would love it.  Now we just need to make every thing else in the room softer, so when the kids fall off the bed they don’t hurt themselves.

Bed Made for Jumping

Bottle Koozie with Pouch

This idea is for people who can’t decide if they want to drink plain old water or if they want a flavored drink.  A water bottle koozie with a pouch to hold a flavor packet.  This will make it easier to buy both a bottle of overpriced water and an overpriced packet of water flavor.  Think of it as helping the economy via excess consumer spending.

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