Career Idea- Acrobat Accountant

Do you dream of performing death defying stunts in midair?  Are you an accountant or are you thinking of becoming an accountant, but you want to add a little more flare to set yourself apart from other accountants?   You should combining your dreams and doing both, become an Acrobat Accountant.

Who better to find loopholes in tax law or to walk that legal tightrope than the Acrobat Accountant?  Audiences will be thrilled to watch you fly through the air on the trapeze while you fill out their tax returns.

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday phrase of the week, acrobat.

Cool Looking Business Card with LCD Screen

Paper business cards are boring, everybody has one.  You need something that gets attention when you hand out your business card.  Today’s idea is to make a business card with a small LCD screen displaying your information continuously.  It also operates on solar power just like a calculator.  Maybe it could have a calculator built into the back so people would keep your business card in use all of the time as a calculator.  So the next time your potential client was adding up a few numbers she would think of you, her favorite vacuum salesman.

Automatically Guided Shopping Cart

Have  you ever chosen the squeaky wheel, the one that won’t turn,or one that won’t drive straight?  Are you just tired of pushing the heavy thing?  Are you like me and can’t find anything in giant superstores?

Well, your shopping cart problems are over with the introduction of the automatically guided shopping cart.  Just tell the cart what you would like to shop for and it will take you there.  For example you could say “I would like to buy some AA batteries” and your cart would lead you directly to the battery aisle.

If your a store owner worried about cost, don’t worry you can add up-sell capabilities to the cart.  If a customer adds tortilla chips to the cart the cart would mention how well salsa goes with tortilla chips.

Next evolution, I feed the cart my list and it goes around and gets everything for me while I go out to eat.

Your Very Own Robo-Double

This crazy idea is inspired by the Illustration Friday word of the week, double.

Are you running short on vacation days?  Do  you need to be in two places at once?  Or, do you just need to get away from your desk for a little while?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you need a “Robo-Double”.

Face it, what you do at work probably isn’t as complicated as you make it seem to all of your friends.  Robo-Double comes pre-programed with many of the most common business tasks you probably do everyday.   Such as check email, look at Blackberry for more email, tell bad jokes, open random important looking documents, type random things, search the internet for useless things, and answer the phone with standard “I’m sorry, I just have too much on my plate right now” response.

If needed you can also add the upgrade package for meetings and presentations.

Customer Testimony from “John Doedery”

“I was working my tail off 80 hours a week and my career was going nowhere.  Until I purchased the Robo-Double.  Now I haven’t been to work for 3 months but I have been promoted 4 times and my salary has trippled!  Thanks Robo-Double.”

Get yours today.

On The Go Veggie Tubes

You may remember how Toothbrushes help kids remember the names of Supreme Court Justices.  Not eating vegetables is also a crises in need of attention.  One idea to kids and some adults to start eating more vegetables is to improve the packaging and portability of the food.

What can veggie suppliers do to make veggies fast and portable?  Vegetables in standard form are boring and not portable.  I can’t take a head of broccoli with me on the drive to work, how would I eat it.  I need my broccoli ground into a semi-paste substance and premixed with veggie dip. The ground veggie and dip substance should then be squirted into a tube, similar to Go-gurt style yogurt tubes.  With veggie tubes I can grab a tube of broccoli on my way out the door, rip it open and eat it in between texts while driving.

Hamburger Vending Machine

Are you tired of dealing with actual people when you go to a fast food restaurant?

Do you have too few vending machines at your place of work?

If so it is time for you to invest in a Burger Vendor, the hamburger vending machine.  Watch as the automated burger machine fries your burger before your eyes, places it on a bun and serves it to you.

Custom, Personalized Marking Shoes

June 10, 2010 by  
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Tired of the same old shoe bottoms everybody else has?  Do you want to add a little flare to your footprints?

Leave your mark wherever you walk with these shoes that have a custom molded bottom.  You can have your name molded in or even a company logo.

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